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Volunteer T-Shirt Money

Monday, July 2nd, 2018

Hi, Parents!

Just as a reminder, if your student has opted to purchase the T-Shirt for the Elementary Program (in which they volunteer), the $5 payment is due on Tuesday, July 3rd.

If you have a high school volunteer (10th grade and older), they may purchase one shirt for $5, or both shirts for $8, even if they only participate in one session. 

Please note, if they are enrolled in the Mid-High Program, they will automatically receive the Mid-High T-Shirt—this was included in your registration fee. 

The $5 is specifically for receiving the second (different color) shirt for volunteering in the Elementary program. 

If you have additional questions related to this topic, you may direct them to Heidi Betts ( or Marcie Kryka ( 

Thank you very much, and thank you for a wonderful first week!



Heidi Betts, Jenny Cort, and Marcie Kryka

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