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South Lyon Summer Enrichment is a non-profit organization that was founded by Debbie Little in 1988, and was originally modeled as a summer study group to keep young minds sharp between school years. It soon became one of South Lyon Area Youth Assistance's offered programs.

The program quickly evolved into a theatre-based day camp that emphasizes team building, fosters self-confidence, and creates a fun and nurturing environment in which students are encouraged to be themselves, applauded for their confidence, and given space to grow as people. 

The students engage in a number of activities throughout the summer, including cardiovascular exercise, sign language, singing, dancing, and performing a stage production at the end of the summer to showcase everything they've learned. 

We also take part in community outreach whenever possible, including private performances for the South Lyon Center For Active Adults. We welcome donations from local businesses and credit their contributions in our playbill at the end of the summer. 

Many of our staff have been involved in the program since they were children. Summer Enrichment has played a significant role in our lives, and there is no greater reward than being able to give that back to a new generation of kids. 

Summer Enrichment


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