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Program Update

Hi everyone! I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I was hoping to have some more details solidified before making an official announcement, but summer is quickly sneaking up on us.

After much deliberation and consideration of the CDC's numbers and projections regarding Covid-19, we have come to a decision to not hold Summer Enrichment in a face-to-face format this summer. Your students' health is our top priority, and even the slightest chance of putting them at risk is something we want to avoid.

Instead, staff is currently in the process of putting together a virtual format. These details and logistics are still being worked out, but I promise we will convey new information as the project comes together. I know this may not be the news that you have been counting on, but staff is very excited to exercise their creative muscles to do something a little different and explore a new way of doing things!

This format may call for a different session frequency, start/end date, etc. We are also working out how to mitigate registration fees to reflect those changes.

Lastly, we feel for this year's high school seniors. We discussed how our Enrichment students entering 9th grade are very similar in that regard. This would be their final year at Summer Enrichment, and they may feel they're missing out on the traditional "final summer" experience. For that reason, any of our grandfathered 9th graders will be invited back next summer to register for one more year! Please note that this only applies to this summer's 9th graders who participated in the 2019 summer. At this time we do not plan to make this arrangement permanent past the 2021 program year.

I hope this answers some lingering questions. I know there are still more to cover, but I will do my best to keep you apprised!

Stay healthy, stay safe, and we love you!

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