Final Week 2020!

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe it’s the 6th week already. The Program always flies by, but it has seemed even faster being online. I wanted to take the time to thank you all for your patience and flexibility this summer. It has been so fantastic to have this level of participation, and we appreciate you! We hope your students enjoy their unique “collector’s item" t-shirts this summer with the “Online” logo :-) 

Our last day doing meetings is Thursday the 30th! The video will follow next week, and Tricky Tray will run for a week after the program ends. 


The Tricky Tray fundraiser page is live! You can access it via this link or by texting Tricky20 to (406) 302-5086. Please note that the ticket sales portion is not yet live, as the website is currently confirming our payment processing information. 

The fundraiser will last until August 7th!


If you were unable to pick your t-shirts up during the scheduled dates earlier this week, please email Jenny Cort as soon as possible to set up an alternate arrangement!


Reminder that footage for all Shorts is due tomorrow, Monday 7/27 at 7PM. Footage for all Specials (sign, dance, music) and Skits is due Friday 7/31 at 5PM. Please be considerate of these dates, as a few of our staff are volunteering their time to edit everything together! You are, of course, more than welcome to turn things in early. But please be advised that in this event, staff may ask for a few touch-ups as we continue rehearsing and finalizing details throughout the week. 

We plan to have our video premiere on Monday 8/3 at 7:00PM. If this changes, I will email with further updates. Please turn your video footage into our Drop-off Drive. Also please note that Ms. Hannah has uploaded an audio file to that drive of the piano part that accompanies your students’ music footage, and Mr. Ethan and Ms. Miranda have included themselves doing the sign language and dances for your practice purposes. 

As of right now, I am planning to put together a DVD of this year’s video! There will be a fee for this, serving to both reimburse my personal expenses for the project and to give some money back to the Program. I will email you with more details after the final video premiere and you can decide at that time if it’s something you might be interested in!

Lastly, I am including an interactive PDF at the bottom of this email of this summer’s Playbill. This will accompany the video to help you follow along as you watch!


The schedule will be significantly different this week, as is to be expected with the home stretch of the program. Please follow the Tockify calendar closely! I am including screenshots of this week’s schedule and our detailed practice schedule for skit time as well.